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How to Use Data to Drive Your Global Amazon Expansion

Learn how leveraging data effectively can help optimize your Amazon business for international expansion. Understand market dynamics, enhance ROI, and streamline operations with data.


Benjamin Weyrich

2 minutes read

2 minutes read


Benjamin Weyrich

Expanding your Amazon business internationally offers tremendous growth opportunities but presents unique challenges, such as varying customer preferences and competitive landscapes across different markets. Controlling data effectively can streamline your expansion efforts, making the transition smoother and more successful. In this blog, we share key strategies for leveraging data to boost your Amazon sales globally.

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Why Data is Crucial for Global Expansion

The expansion of your Amazon business into new markets is associated with considerable challenges due to the necessity of navigating different languages, cultures, competitors, and customer preferences.

Managing multiple Amazon interfaces, tracking inventory and sales across borders and adapting marketing and product tactics to each location is essential. Without comprehensive data, you are essentially flying blind and risk missed opportunities, wasted resources or costly mistakes.

Data plays a pivotal role in navigating the complexities of international markets. Here’s why it's indispensable:

Better understanding of target markets:

Data helps you grasp customer behaviors and preferences in diverse regions.

Product and category optimization:

It identifies which products to sell in each country

Localization of listings and content:

Tailor your product content for each language and marketplace.

Performance tracking:

Monitor and compare sales and profitability across countries.

Marketing ROI enhancement:

Allocate budgets more effectively between markets based on data-driven insights.

Utilizing Data for International Success

In the past, market expansion incurred high expenses, demanding meticulous planning and research. Companies strived for flawless entries, leading to prolonged preparation phases. Yet, technological advancements now enable a more adaptable, experimental approach. Leveraging data, businesses can make informed predictions, monitor outcomes in real-time, and adapt swiftly. However, expanding into new countries entails increasing fixed costs.

Product Management

Success depends on choosing the right products and creating compelling content to attract customers. AI technologies offer scalable solutions for content creation and localization. They reduce the costs and risks associated with market expansion and allow you to launch a wider range of products. Once you have equipped your products with first-class content, maintaining online presence and content accuracy is crucial. While manual content management may be sufficient for a single market, expanding to multiple territories requires a significant increase in monitoring efforts.

  • Automated software is essential for effective content monitoring across multiple markets. Catapult AI empowers brands to create ecommerce-optimized content at scale.

Marketing Efficiency

One of marketing's pivotal questions is: "Where can I maximize my investment?" Expanding into multiple markets not only allows for allocation shifts among high-performing product segments but also across various countries. However, managing multiple countries introduces heightened complexity. What was once feasible to measure manually now becomes impractical.

  • To fully leverage the potential of reallocating budgets across countries, you must establish an integrated performance marketing monitoring system that consolidates real-time data. This system should harmonize reports, terminology, and aggregate data across countries. Integrating it comprehensively with retail data finally empowers you to swiftly and wisely gauge the impact of your marketing efforts and adjust budgets to optimize ROI further.

Operations Optimization

Streamline operations by centralizing them, enabling fewer staff to manage more by leveraging automated vendor analytics.

  • This approach helps identify stock shortages, buy box competitions, and the impacts of retail promotions efficiently.

Expanding across countries can be approached in two ways:

You can replicate the key account setup for each country, thus increasing costs in line with business expansion

You centralize operations, empowering your existing team to achieve more efficiently

Instead of manual processes like navigating Vendor Central, downloading Excel data, and creating pivot tables, provide your team with software solutions that automate business monitoring and operations. These tools can identify issues like stock shortages, unauthorized resellers impacting your buy box, or the effects of retail promotions.

By enabling your team to accomplish more and focus on actionable tasks, you optimize their time usage. After all, Amazon operates similarly across countries, so rather than building up local management, empower your current team with fully automated vendor analytics.


Expanding globally has a lot of opportunities. Through diversification across countries, you mitigate risks and seize emerging prospects elsewhere, especially when confronting reduced demand in one market. The agility to swiftly redirect investments and expansion endeavors toward high-potential markets is crucial. Catapult offers the indispensable planning tool for identifying, capitalizing on, and evaluating these opportunities. It achieves this by integrating retail, marketing, and product data across various countries, empowering strategic adjustments in budget and investment to drive growth.

Putting the pieces together

Understanding these nuances enables better strategic decisions and can be enhanced by tools like Catapult, which provides real-time, integrated data views across departments, crucial for manufacturers operating in multiple countries. Our tool, crafted with input from Amazon vendors, features a centralized dashboard that automatically converts Amazon data into a clear, actionable perspective on your performance.


This is particularly important for manufacturers with operations in various countries and a wide range of product categories. Here, the challenge lies in seamlessly integrating global operations while ensuring easy categorization and comparison. Real-time insights are also imperative. Catapult can address all these needs effectively.


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